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White Label

An online casino business might be a lot of fun and it might not. Endless routine and tough challenges seem to wait around the corner — until you rely on us. TrueLabel offers the full range of white label casino services backed up with our proprietary iGaming software. We let you focus on what really matters — creating a unique customer experience and a strong bond with your players.

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Boutique Approach

Your project is very important, that’s it. Pampering each client with a boutique service is what defines TrueLabel. We always hear you, always get back to you, and nearly always have a few perks in mind to suggest to you.


Quick Setup

Six weeks, and we are there! Tuning the details might take another moment, but that’s for good, believe us. How so fast? Our technology enables a wider (and smarter) automation and streamlines lots of basic procedures.



Licenses, payments, games and 3rd parties. The ever growing list of options and must-haves, right out of the box, makes TrueLabel one of the most comprehensive casino white label solutions on the market.


Flexibility & Customization

We have templates, we do bespoke, and we are good with your custom front. Choose among the variety of options when it comes to the outlook, and let’s think of whatever else we can bring to life together.


Uncompromised Security

Adaptive segmentation and scoring, AI-based tools and extensions, and much more. We’ve taken care of some important stuff, and your anti-fraud team will now have time for lunch.


Seasoned Team Behind

Years of expertise in running online casinos and building iGaming software mean lots of mistakes we made, which you can now avoid. We’ve been working together for a decade, and pay all attention to the quality of our growth.


TrueLabel Platform

Our proprietary online casino platform is the solid base for our boutique services. Whether you think of starting an online casino, or empowering your growing needs with the best casino software, look no further, as we’ve come up with something truly special.

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Game Providers


Supported Currencies


New Users Monthly


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PAM & Back Office

Looking for the optimal software solution to back up The Big Plan? Ours was designed to meet the highest expectations, has a fresh look, and works smoothly.

Tell us what else you are looking for, and it's our honor to serve you with the best possible options.

and Bonus System

TrueLabel takes your casino player retention and reactivation to a whole new level. Engage the audience in the most creative and cost-efficient way with a comprehensive set of bonus and campaign features.



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How we work



Terms & Agreement

Let's delve into your global idea and discuss the possibilities we can offer, agree upon the general scope of our partnership, and sign the contract.


Concept & Design

We work together to come up with a concept that aligns with your unique needs. If necessary, we offer custom design options.


White Label

Choose from our comprehensive list of games and payment providers, as well as a set of internationally acknowledged gaming licenses, and a pack of dedicated services.


Solution Development

With all the details agreed upon, our team begins crafting a solution tailored to your requirements. Meanwhile, we help prepare content and provide comprehensive training to your staff.


Testing & Technical Launch

Before going live, we conduct comprehensive testing to ensure the project setup meets both our high standards and your expectations.


Traffic Launch

Once testing is completed, your new casino is ready to open doors, and we are always there to assist!

Other solutions



Our casino turnkey solution is the ultimate choice for experienced iGaming operators willing to scale up their businesses.

Boutique Approach

Fully Bespoke

Consulting & Facilitation

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Crypto Casino

Expand your opportunities by offering crypto deposits, provably fair games, and other special options.

Instant Withdrawals

Crypto Bets

Community Features

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